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    About Us

    We believe in making travel E-zy...

    We make booking travel E-zy and hassle free...

    Need to plan that family holiday, a quick weekend getaway or work out a business travel plan, our experienced travel experts will assist you every step along the way.

    From luxury resort destinations to local B&B's, we at E-zy Travels feature the best travel deals for your flight, hotel and vacation requirements.

    What we at E-zy Travels can do for you...

    Need to rent a car or book your rail pass? We give you the best options available for all your travel requirements.

    Here are just a few of the features we have to offer.

    E-zy Travel guides: We at E-zy Travels, believe in making your travel experience convenient and hassle-free right from the start. One of our best features are our experienced Travel Experts who will help you plan your itinerary. We offer personalized travel guides & maps, that will help you plot out the best tourist attractions. If you are looking for a more cultural visit, we have heritage guides that will help quench your love for travel & culture.

    We will help you monitor and keep you up-to-date with the latest news in the travel industry. When travelling overseas, be sure to check our travel advisories and warnings for your specified travel destination.

    E-zy Visa Assistance: We will provide you with all the Visa information required to make obtaining your Visa that much easier.

    E-zy Vacation Ideas: Need to plan your honeymoon or a company incentive tour? Our Travel Experts have shortlisted the best places and deals to help suit your holiday plans.

    We have a list of various vacation destination options & ideas for the quick weekend getaways, family holidays, sightseeing excursions, holiday shopping destinations, pilgrimages & even have a list for thrill seekers looking forward to an adventure holiday.

    Choose your category & let us help you narrow down your options.

    For those of you considering weddings and other large events, group hotel reservations are a good choice.

    E-zy Business Travel: Incentive tours, Trade Fairs, Conferences & Conventions and your daily business travel.

    Register with us, for the most convenient and economically business travel deals.

    Fill in the form with your company's details and let our dedicated Business Travel Management team analyze your travel requirements to work out the best deal for you and your company's budget.

    Our history...

    There are many things that are easy to overlook when planning a trip. We believe that planning a holiday shouldn't be a laborious task, we at E-zy Travels try to make it a fun and e-zy experience.